A Health Care and Technology Consultant Firm Based in the Greater DC Area Dedicated to Providing Best-in-Class Technology and Health Care Solutions to Private and Government Health Care Organizations.
 We empower health care organizations to improve care, cost efficiency and compliance, while delivering the best quality of care for their Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial membership.  We operate on a Client-First Model by ensuring the appropriate selection, implementation and use of technology innovating healthcare patients’ care algorithms for home care and several care coordination modules.  We achieve this through the following services: Utilization Management, Care Management, Grievance & Appeals, CRM, Population Health, Mobile Applications, Reporting/Analytics Platforms, and Patients’ Portal. We deliver coaching and training in day-to-day operations for healthcare insurers, providers, payers, and other healthcare organizations.


Medical Management

Under the umbrella of Care Coordination, we assist health providers and health agencies in the evaluation of the Utilization Management review process, Care Management Assessment, planning and facilitation for Case Management and Population Health evaluation and advocacy

Advisory Business Development

Based on our expertise of the market, we provide our clients with best-practice options that are an optimal fit for your organization. We deliver premier healthcare & technology services to enable customers and individuals to improve patients’ health, ensuring a more focused today and a healthier, more resilient tomorrow

Coordination for Technology Services

We work for our customers in partnership with technical resources to introduce and manage technological initiatives to facilitate the implementation of projects, product development and utilization approaches to maximize cost, time efficiencies and scalability

We are a unique solution for Plans, Payers and Providers who are:

  • Implementing New Technology Solutions to Manage their Member Populations
  • Providing Technology Selection for Home Health Services 
  • Launching New Lines of Business
  • Building UMI Interfaces 
  • Increasing Membership
  • Expanding Coverage to a New State
  • Introducing Additional System Dashboards
  • Reconciling Post-Implementation Backlog Analyses
  • Supporting Overall Postmortem Project Analyses
  • Preparing for Audits
  • Initiating/Expanding Home Care Technology
  • Providing Home Care Services
  • Shifting Strategic Focus in Different Management Areas
  • Integrating Open Sources and Plugins to Healthcare Platforms
  • Developing patient Portals
  • Looking for API’s Design and Management
  • Developing e Implementing Clinical Rules